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Powerboat P1 is the fastest growing marine motorsport series in the world and has a long term commitment to growing and developing JetSki racing at all levels.

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2019 P1 Jetcross Licenses

To enter a Jetcross event you must be a competent personal watercraft rider and have read and fully understood the Jetcross Rulebook

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Sanctioned body

Sanctioned body

1. Event Sanction

P1 Jetcross is sanctioned by the International Jetsport Boating Association (IJSBA), the Governing Body for Personal Watercraft Racing.

Any rider taking part in a P1 Jetcross event must hold a valid IJSBA membership/race licence issued by their National Authority affiliated to the IJSBA. Membership/Licensing structures will vary depending on the National Authority. Riders coming from non-IJSBA countries may purchase memberships on the day of the event or before, directly to JX Sports official IJSBA representative for France, or any other affiliated countries.

2. Age Regulations

Rider under the age of 18 must provide evidence of their age.

Riders under 18 years of age must be accompanied at the event by a Parent/Guardian. All who are under 18 on the date of the race will be required to submit written consent of their parent or guardian to their participation in the race and confirmation of their acceptance of the rules governing the race.
The minimum age for Junior class refers to P1 Jetcross Rule book - Junior class can be adjusted of the national law of the host event country (e.g: France* accepts only Junior from 14 years old to 16 years old - UK accepts Junior from 10 to 15 - Switzerland from 12 to 15 ...)

  • *For foreign riders under the age of 16 yrs (excluding French resident) who want to compete in France, they must provide a written certificate from their National Federation which approves their upgrade from Junior rider to compete in an Amateur category.

3. Licence and Insurance

A/ 2019 IJSBA Membership

Riders coming from non-IJSBA countries may purchase memberships on the day of the event or earlier (recommended)

  • JX Sports IJSBA Associate Membership €30 - Download Application form below
  • JX Sports IJSBA Competitor Junior Membership €75 - Download Application form below
  • JX Sports IJSBA Competitor Am and Pro-Am Membership €75 - Download Application form below
  • JX Sports IJSBA Competitor Pro Membership €75 - Download Application form below

All JX Sports IJSBA membership is available for a yearly subscription.

Please download and fill all licence and medical certificate below

2019 IJSBA Membership Registration Form

Download PDF:
2019 IJSBA Membership Registration Form

IJSBA Medical Certificate - EN version

Download PDF:
IJSBA Medical Certificate - EN version


For any subscription of an annual/weekend License and/or Insurance during the day of an event, a management fee of €80 will be required by JX Sports IJSBA France, in addition to the price of the license and insurance where applicable. Your license/insurance must be sent 7 days before the date of the event to allow sufficient time to be processed.

For example:
Amateur Weekend License - 7 Days Prior to the Event Fees
€50 Weekend IJSBA Membership
€80 Option 1 Weekend Insurance
€130 Total Amount

Amateur Weekend License - at the Event Fees
€80 JX Sports IJSBA France Management Fee
€50 Weekend IJSBA Membership
€80 Option 1 Weekend Insurance
€210 Total Amount

B/ Insurance

For European continental resident (EU - EEA...) we provide you through our insurance partner Special Lines Groupe a racer personal accident cover with worldwide repatriation. It is mandatory for a foreigner racers or national racers to subscribe or provide a valid attestation of Civil Responsibility in and out a race for a minimum amount of €1.000.000 and with the exception of coverage of the pilots and their PWC amongst racers.
Our policy has been designed to offer racers cover for any IJSBA sanctioned event.
We are offering two options insurance cover regarding the amount of Medical Insurance and Death Benefit :

  • Insurance Option 1 Personal Accident for one year €120 - for one event €80
  • Insurance Option 2 Personal Accident for one year €200 - for one event €140 (strongly recommended for an international event)

Please download and fill insurance form below

2019 Insurance subscription

Download PDF:
2019 Insurance subscription

Competitors Responsibility

Competitors must read the Risk Statement and Indemnity which is listed on the Race Instruction document and Entry form prior to taking part in a Jetcross event. By signing the race entry form and the IJSBA official signing on form at the event all competitors are bound by the rules contained in P1 Jetcross Rulebook, and Indemnity where applicable.

It is the competitor’s sole responsibility to decide whether or not to start or continue in a race once passed technical inspection.

Always Seek Independent Professional Advice In Insurance Matters.

Series Administrator

Karen Cable:
Email: sport@powerboatp1.com