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Powerboat P1 is the fastest growing marine motorsport series in the world and has a long term commitment to growing and developing JetSki racing at all levels.

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Vichy Sponsors

Vichy Communaute's Logo, A P1 Jetcross Sponsor

Vichy Communaute

The quintessence of the new Vichy is needed here in a convoluted canvas century villas of steel, fruit of the imagination of unbridled architects, buildings yé yé 60 (Palm Beach with its entries with names: Saint Tropez, Florida ...), old palaces in the imposing, not to mention Napoleon landscaped parks and Kennedy (what shortcut!), posed casually, like a vegetable point along the Allier.

Recently a path for pedestrians and cyclists has been built along the river, in lieu of an asphalt scar which imposed its straight course to the heart of the city. It was time. This promenade, lined with a white fence (like those surrounding the homes of New England East Hampton) now makes sense since this missing link allows to go around the "lake" which is none other than the river Allier .

Let's start our tour with the Rotunda, spaceship (if you have a respectable age you will have seen in the TV series The Invaders ) and recently gastronomic true meeting point and departure of the walk. This is where the end, jogging pants corked breast, the baby-joggers, contrasting with these young sports girls who wear the effort on their rosy cheeks.
While going towards the bridge-dam (Europe bridge) you will spend over a tributary of the Allier: the Sichon, a name redolent of the soil. Modernity lies in wait. It will soon be the backbone of an eco-district.

The long tree-lined drive "above ground" (Scots pine, sweetgum ...) is nice with many useful awnings for shelter from the sun (or so I imagine). I meet this Sunday morning frigorifant a collection of legs caps with or without flap, titi parisien, sober, plaid ... besides some Peruvian hats.
side docks

Children are introduced to the scooter under the watchful eye of tenderized parents experienced mountain bikers, recognizable mud drag adorning their combinations logotypées, sting advanced. All these people walking, trotting, short, pedal and wanders peacefully, as the first day of the world (well almost).

City of Vichy's Logo, A P1 Jetcross Sponsor

City of Vichy

Vichy is a city in the Allier department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in central France, in the historic province of Bourbonnais.

It is a spa and resort town and call the Queen of Thermal City.
The town's inhabitants are called Vichyssois. Up until the 18th century they were more properly known as les Vichois which stems from the Occitan name of the town, Vichèi. The writer Valery Larbaud uses the term Vicaldiens after the Ancient Roman Latin name for the community, aquae calidae (hot waters).

Vichy lies on the banks of the Allier River. The source of the Allier is in the nearby Massif Central plateau which lies only a few miles to the south, near the region's capital, Clermont-Ferrand.

The historical existence of volcanic activity in the Massif Central is somewhat visually evident. Volcanic eruptions have happened for at least 150,000 years, but all volcanoes there have been dormant for at least 112 years. Volcanic activity in the area is the direct cause of the many thermal springs that exist in and around Vichy.

Vichy Destinations's Logo, A P1 Jetcross Sponsor

Vichy Destinations

Share your experience Vichy Destination associating the hashtag #VichyDestinations your posts.

3 Promises
Far from the clichés, let yourself be surprised, experience of letting go and welfare erected in lifestyle, in a city that keeps its promises: elegant, refreshing, timeless ...

Vichy, elegant, is aware of its strengths and essentially extract to offer it on a tray. For sensitivity, creativity and spontaneity, she accompanies you to a more joyful and colorful vision of your life.

Vichy, the refreshing, water is a magical city, captivating and vibrant! Natural, green, she invites you to a sensory stop and let go of optimism borrowing.

Vichy, timeless, is a land of freedom which can seize the zeitgeist while enjoying contemporary authenticity. Reassuring and uplifting, it allows you to explore your emotions, your feelings and your desires.

Enrgy Kitdeco's Logo, A P1 Jetcross Sponsor

Enrgy Kitdeco

Enrgy Kitdeco was founded by a passionate in motorcycle trial and PWCin 2015. Based in Perpignan, South France, few kilometers from the Spanish border, ''EKD'' is involved in the PWC market reach them the number one position in France for laying and print racing graphic kit for all PWC models. But of course, they get a large range of products in MX - Trial - Enduro - SSV... and also the possibility to produce your own personal design team racing wear and trophies for event organizer.

Enrgy Kitdeco aka ''EKD'' have made all the 2017 P1 Jetcross and Aquacross trophies for the USA and Europe series.

MX Com's Logo, A P1 Jetcross Sponsor

MX Com

MXCOM.eu is a advertisement agency specialized and expert in motorsport and sport in all its forms (motocross, enduro, rally, BMX, FMX, snowscoot, PWC, mountain bike, downhill, ski, swimming , basketball, handball, air-plane, action sports, hockey, team sports ...) offers you the creation of your press-book for sports and motor sports, flyers, posters, roll up, tarpaulins, programs, catalogues, Web communication, dedication cards, business cards, correspondence cards, large formats and all communication media.

MXCOM.eu is our official provider for laying posters of all P1 Jetcross rounds during this 2017 season.