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Date: Sat 10 Nov 2018

P1 Jetcross unveils updated 2019 rules book

Find Julien Bastien's interview and clarification about the new sporting and technical regulation of the upcoming season.

Julien Bastien - P1 Jetcross head manager

Julien Bastien - P1 Jetcross head manager

With the race season at an end, we spoke to P1’s European Head of Jetcross racing to ask if there will be any significant changes to the Jetcross technical rules in 2019:

“No, there won’t be any major changes. This year we applied a maximum weight limit to the premiere classes - JX1 and JX2 - which include prototype craft and clarified the definition and specifications including length, width, height and weight limit of a racing stand-up watercraft.

For 2019 a new maximum weight limit from 218kg with a 1% tolerance if the ski is wet up to 224kg with no tolerance. The weight has been a bit increased in order to support any type of engine set-up and also to get riders to reduce noise through an efficient water box system. Noise reduction will be an important goal for the Jetcross officials next year.

In the JX2 class, which is the top step on the ladder before becoming a Pro, engine displacement has been increased from 1100cc to 1500cc for 4-stroke naturally aspirated engines. This gives riders and teams more choice to prepare skis and reduces the cost.

There will be no change to the technical rules for the popular Ski JX3 class or for the Ski JX3 4-stroke (now called Ski JX4).

In the JX4 Sport class, the new Yamaha EXR will be homologated to race in Jetcross: however, further modification - i.e the usage of an aftermarket impeller or the reflashing of the ECU - will be subject to further testing.

Finally, and very importantly, from 2019 all riders will be required to attend the prize-giving ceremony or face disqualification for the whole weekend of racing and also a new pole-position system with two sessions Q1 and Q2 in the Pro Ski class.

Please check and download the new version of 2019 P1 Jetcross rulebook© V3.2

Read the 2019 P1 Jetcross rulebook click here

If you need clarification on any of the above please email P1 Jetcross brand manager julien.bastien@PowerboatP1.com